• “THAT FIRST NIGHT” - Story written by- Amakachukwumaj


             I ran gleefully into his arms at the hostel hall way smiling sheepishly, I led the way to my hostel room. I was the only one around because my roomies were yet to return. The Christmas celebration just ended.

    "Here, Nonso." I said,pointing to my bed. "That's my corner, you can sit there."

    He stood staring at me for a moment. He parted his lips in a smile showing those dimples. I looked away. I didn't want to be caught so easily.

     "Your room is beautiful, pretty." He sat on my bed, while I closed the door.

    "Uhh, it should be na, is it not girls hostel again?" I turned to meet his gaze on me.

    "What na?"

    " Nothing." He replied laughing.

    He drew me to his laps and made me sit with him.
    Somehow, I felt uneasy and made to stand up. He resisted.

    "I've really missed you pretty, this xmas without you has been quite boring."

    I smiled. My hands flung to my face.

    "Can you look at me?" He pulled my face to meet his eyes but I threw my eyes off.

     I couldn't look at his dazel-grey eyes that shone under the light.

    "No....I don want to." I tried to stand up again but his hands were behind me,holding my waist.Stopping me.

    "Really?" He asked bringing his lips close to my face again.

     I couldn't answer this time.

    His hands did things to my body. It trailed from my waist to my ribs.I was losing everything gradually to him. it wasn't right.

    I knew what he was doing.I just didn't have the strength to stop him.He already has his hands trailing down my laps doing wicked things to my stomach. I didn't see it coming.

     He gently pulled my face to his again. And left his lips on mine. I didn't know what was happening but I knew something was wrong. He dug through my tongue. He took away my first kiss. I couldn't even stop him.I was beginning to like the new feeling.

    Taking those lips down to my neck, he pulled me down and dragged my shirt off me. He stared passionately at me. Then he came again. Twitched the nipples of my unclad breasts with his lips.Under me was wet.beyond what I could tell, I felt strange.

      Confused and perplexed, I stopped to think. The alarm in my head blared red and I needed to do something. He still did his thing, cupped and caressed the life out of me.

     I started. I summoned the sixth sense and my mind said to whisper a "Stop". But it all happened very fast.

    He took my hands and placed them on his....


    The scream startled him because he jumped and stared frightened at me.

    "what is the-....

    "Get out of my room," I said. "now!."

    I watched him. Hurriedly, he stood up, slided into his shoes like a scared rat, his hand took the door handle.

    My mouth stood wide open with what followed.

     The Hostel governor stood  outside the door with security men. He turned towards me. His sullen look made me look away. He might have felt betrayed. without a word, he turned and walked out into the war zone.

    "What are you doing in a girls hostel by this time oga?".

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